Mariner PhotoBook


Back in 2016, I began working on creating a Shutterfly photo book of photographs presented in my "Picture of the Week" column of this website. Since 2008, I have posted over 400 unique images, many of them taken by professional photographers. This 69-page, 8" X 11", glossy-page, hardcover features 103 of what I believe are the best from 2008-2016. I was inspired by the wonderful photo books of wooden boats by Benjamin Mendlowitz. The title of the book is, "Celebrating the O'Day Mariner."

Upon receiving a test copy, I was blown away by the quality. It's a substantial book, and the glossy pages really make the photos pop. It's a perfect coffee-table book, and I thank all the photographers who gave me permission to publish them.

Here's the deal: because it's through Shutterfly, it ain't cheap. The best thing to do is wait until Shutterfly offers a 50% discount on photobooks AND a discount for free shipping. They offer both discounts at the same time every once in a while, and it's worth checking back to Shutterfly's website every few days. Even with those discounts, it still clocks in at $70. I'm sure the price will be somewhat prohibitive, but I'm really proud of it, and I hope you'll check it out here: - take note that the printed photos are high-resolution (this preview link makes them look like they are not good quality, but they are in fact excellent). 

I hope you check it out and enjoy it. I don't receive any money from sales; I just enjoyed creating it and making it available for Mariner enthusiasts!