Romer's Mariner

06.20.16 - Here is Dominic Romer's 1975 O'Day Mariner doing what it does best by edging up to one of the many beaches around Clearwater, Florida. Just look at the clear water and white sand! Notice the RudderCraft rudder which may be fully raised out of the water, helping the ten-inch-draft Mariner to explore and anchor in shallow water where others dare not go. Dominic and his wife recently purchased their boat, Wing Sauce, and he writes that they have "sailed it three times so far and love it. I've had a lot of sailboats, but I think the Mariner might be my favorite." Click here for a link to Dominic's photo album of their daysails around Clearwater. 

Texas 20006.10.16 - Matt Schiemer (#2014 Odisea) and John Alesch (#2607 Ancient Mariner) will be participating this year in the Texas 200, a six-day "raid"-type event for small boats starting this Monday. Follow John's progress through his SPOT tracker here.

Lake Champlain Rendezvous06.03.16 - Paul Sheppard is planning another rendezvous up in Lake Champlain, Vermont from July 8-10. Like last year, it will take place at Burton Island State Park with lots to see and do.

Boat Yoga06.01.16 - I couldn't resist sharing this photo from the Association's website (www.usmariner.org). Rob J. is working in the starboard cockpit locker, and his picture is entitled, "Boat Yoga." Pretty claustrophobic!

05.09.16 - Registration is now open for the 2015 Mariner Rendezvous to Mystic Seaport scheduled for August 5-7. We will have floating docks this year which comes with many benefits. Read all about it on the Mariner Class Association's webpage and register now!

2016 Sailing Page06.01.16 - A new 2016 Sailing Page has been created with a bunch of photos taken from my recent trip to Greenport as well as a couple of snapshots taken yesterday during a leisurely sail upriver.


Picasa Web Album06.01.16 - For 118 pictures taken by me and Chris Albert during our three-day cruise across Long Island Sound, check out my Picasa Web Album.


2015 Sailing Page11.23.15 - Added the final two pictures to the 2015 Sailing Page after Orion was hauled out. Winter maintenance has already commenced in preparation for the 2016 sailing season!


Last sail of 201511.09.15 - Added some pictures after a final sail for the season. Orion will be hauled for the winter this coming Saturday, and the last pictures of the 2015 Sailing Page will be posted shortly thereafter.

O'Day Mariner

Open cuddy cabin, small aft deck, forward hatch, cabin mast support arch, small portlights, wood trim

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Enclosed cabin, raised cockpit, quarterberths, longer portlights, self-draining cockpit

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Removed forward hatch, streamlined cabin, mast support post, even longer portlights

Spindrift Mariner

Added portlights on either
side of cabin

Stuart Mariner

Removed added portlights, slightly updated molds












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