Riverton Racing

05.25.15 - Chris O'Brien makes the weather mark first in #2781 O'Mitzvah! with Frank Pelosi in #3599 close by his starboard quarter as Mariners at Riverton Yacht Club race on Wednesday, May 13th. Two-time Nationals champion Dan Walsh (#2778 Double Trouble) is not far behind with Harry Mayer (#664 Mare) at the rear. This action shot and many more were taken by Byron Campbell, resident photographer at Riverton who has a new page for 2015 racing pictures. In fact, he has some great shots of Mariners racing as far back as 2010.

Chris Greco's Mariner05.18.15 - Chris Greco sent me this picture of his "new" Mariner he recently purchased and named Sweeet! She is packed up and ready to go to her new home port near Ridge, New York.

Riverton Yacht Club05.04.15 - A little over a week ago, Riverton Yacht Club in New Jersey commenced their weekly Mariner races on Sundays. The Club is celebrating its 150th anniversary, one of the oldest in the country.

Rendezvous05.04.15 - Registration opened at the Mariner Class Association's website for three Rendezvous opportunities: one in Mystic, CT; one in Lake Champlain, VT; and the official Association Rendezvous in the Chesapeake. Click the picture for more info.

03.30.15 - Narrasketuck Yacht Club, home to one of the Mariner racing fleets, has a brand new website. While there isn't a ton of info, it's updated with the new 2015 schedule and is a big improvement.

05.26.15 - Added more pictures after a great sail into Niantic Bay. The winds were light, but I had a nice time visiting the Niantic Yacht Club and flying the asymmetrical spinnaker.

Transom repair05.22.15 - Added a whole new section to the Transom Repair project page showing how I repaired a crack and indentation from the motor mount bracket which had been digging into the transom.

05.22.15 - Added a few new pictures after the first sail of the season. Although I only stayed in the River, I was able to make some needed adjustments to have everything work properly.

2015 Sailing Gallery05.18.15 - Started a new gallery of sailing for 2015 as Orion was launched this past Friday. The 2015 sailing season has begun - let's hope for another good year.

O'Day Mariner

Open cuddy cabin, small aft deck, forward hatch, cabin mast support arch, small portlights, wood trim

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Enclosed cabin, raised cockpit, quarterberths, longer portlights, self-draining cockpit

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Removed forward hatch, streamlined cabin, mast support post, even longer portlights

Spindrift Mariner

Added portlights on either
side of cabin

Stuart Mariner

Removed added portlights, slightly updated molds












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one should never undertake major repairs without the presence of another adult in case an emergency situation should arise.