07.11.16 - Chris Albert's #2714 Flotsam is resting at anchor during a trip across Long Island Sound he and I took together back in May. On the second night of our trip, we anchored in Hallock Bay, a very shallow cove in the northeast tip of Orient Harbor. It is about 5:30 am, and the fog has another hour or so before the sun burns it off. We had rafted up before night fell, but we separated to give each other a bit more "snoring room". His preferred method of sleeping is in a hammock suspended under the boom and thus under the boom tent, although his hammock and sleeping bag were still rather soggy from a middle-of-the-night rainstorm on the first night when we anchored in Coecles Harbor.

#3432 with fireworks!07.07.16 - Patrick Nance of Concord, North Carolina took this shot during July 4th festivities. I like how his boat, #3432 Anahi, is lit up by the fireworks bursting overhead!

The Mariner Class Association07.04.16 - Several Executive Board positions on the Mariner Class Association are open for election, including VP Communications, VP Membership, and President. Those interested in serving the class are encouraged to e-mail the President, Russ Schuss.

Surf City Yacht Club07.04.16 - Registration has closed for Rendezvous scheduled by fleet captains in the Chesapeake, Lake Champlain, and Mystic Seaport. Details for the official 2016 Rendezvous at Surf City Yacht Club scheduled for August 12-14 will hopefully be coming soon.

Texas 20006.10.16 - Matt Schiemer (#2014 Odisea) and John Alesch (#2607 Ancient Mariner) will be participating this year in the Texas 200, a six-day "raid"-type event for small boats starting this Monday. Follow John's progress through his SPOT tracker here.

2016 Sailing Page07.12.16 - Added four new pictures to the 2016 Sailing Page after a nice afternoon sail in Niantic Bay with a Dan and Chris Albert, although Chris suffered gear failure that forced him to turn back.


Cruise to Essex and Selden Creek07.07.16 - Added new pictures to the 2016 Sailing Page after I took my wife and a couple friends on a three-day trip to Essex and Selden Creek. Also, check out the Picasa Web Album with many more pictures.


2016 Sailing Page06.01.16 - A new 2016 Sailing Page has been created with a bunch of photos taken from my recent trip to Greenport as well as a couple of snapshots taken yesterday during a leisurely sail upriver.


Picasa Web Album06.01.16 - For 118 pictures taken by me and Chris Albert during our three-day cruise across Long Island Sound, check out my Picasa Web Album.

O'Day Mariner

Open cuddy cabin, small aft deck, forward hatch, cabin mast support arch, small portlights, wood trim

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Enclosed cabin, raised cockpit, quarterberths, longer portlights, self-draining cockpit

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Removed forward hatch, streamlined cabin, mast support post, even longer portlights

Spindrift Mariner

Added portlights on either
side of cabin

Stuart Mariner

Removed added portlights, slightly updated molds












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