01.19.15 - Paul Coward (foreground) is shown here in the lead on the downwind leg of the 2011 National Championships. They were held at Brant Beach Yacht Club, the site of this year’s Nationals coming up in August. Paul, a racer from Brant Beach, has successfully raced his boat, #584 Bonnie D, since the early 1900s. He has won the Championship four times, arrived in second place twice, and finished in third place five times. In this race, he finished seventh overall, yet he did manage to come in first during one of the races on Saturday. A formidable opponent on the race course!

01.01.15 - Sail Magazine just published my article about tips for planning a rendezvous in their January, 2015 edition. That makes five magazines that have published my articles about Mariners. How neat is that?

12.22.14 - The December edition of the Notice to Mariners newsletter from the Mariner Class Association was just published a few days ago. Congratulations to Bill Eggers for his very first edition as Newsletter Editor!

#93312.22.14 - Congratulations to Paul Puckett for finally completing the restoration of his boat after "two and a half years, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours later"! 

#93312.03.14 - Paul Puckett (#933 Class of '64) has done a fantastic job creating a plywood enclosure for his early-style Mariner. He plans to take #933 to Lake Havasu for the winter months.

2015 "Picture of the Week" page01.14.14 - Made a link to the new 2015 "Picture of the Week" page. I also updated the information for the Southeast Connecticut Mariner Fleet as Eric Flower, #1871, has rejoined the Fleet after more than a year away due to work obligations.

Haulout, 201410.31.14 - Added the final two pictures to the 2014 Sailing page. She is now at her garage in Northford awaiting routine maintenance and a few winter projects I have planned.

Control Lines Led Aft10.22.14 - Added a new Project Page for leading sail control lines back to the cockpit. A number of people have asked me how I do it, so I made a page about it.

Southeast Connecticut Mariner Fleet10.01.14 - Updated the webpage for the Southeast Connecticut Mariner Fleet. I added links to photo albums of the past two Rendezvous and added the names of some new members.

O'Day Mariner

Open cuddy cabin, small aft deck, forward hatch, cabin mast support arch, small portlights, wood trim

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Enclosed cabin, raised cockpit, quarterberths, longer portlights, self-draining cockpit

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Removed forward hatch, streamlined cabin, mast support post, even longer portlights

Spindrift Mariner

Added portlights on either
side of cabin

Stuart Mariner

Removed added portlights, slightly updated molds












DISCLAIMER: While I personally have had success using the methods outlined in this website,
one should never undertake major repairs without the presence of another adult in case an emergency situation should arise.