10.20.14 - Dan Meaney and his boat, #2024 Clew Sea Nuf, took top honors at the 2014 Rendezvous to Mystic Seaport back in August for fitting the most people onboard a Mariner for the trip. Dan and his wife, Helen, sailed with their son, Daniel, and twin daughters Erin and Madeline from Niantic to Mystic – a “boat full of Meaneys”, as Dan later put it. #2024 remains largely unchanged from when it was built in 1971, retaining much of the original hardware. It just goes to prove that you don’t have to have an up-to-date, pristine boat to enjoy it – everyone onboard seems to be having a great time.

Haulout 201410.22.14 - Yesterday, I hauled out Orion, effectively putting an end to the 2014 sailing season. However, I prefer to think of it as the beginning of the next season! 

09.22.14 - The dates for the 2015 Mariner Nationals have been set for Thursday, August 20th and Friday, August 21st at Brant Beach Yacht Club. It will be interesting to see how having a regatta during the week instead of on a weekend will affect attendance.

"Notice to Mariners" Newsletter09.10.14 - The latest edition of the Notice to Mariners newsletter just went out yesterday. This is the final edition by Editor Alice Hawrilenko; she is bowing out of the position after four years of hard work. Thank you, Alice!

Dave Reily09.01.14 - Veteran Mariner racer Dave Reily (#1249 Silk Purse) suffered a heart attack during last week's Wednesday night races at Riverton Yacht Club. Dave was well-liked by everyone, and he will be deeply missed.

Control Lines Led Aft10.22.14 - Added a new Project Page for leading sail control lines back to the cockpit. A number of people have asked me how I do it, so I decided to create a page about it.

Southeast Connecticut Mariner Fleet10.01.14 - Updated the webpage for the Southeast Connecticut Mariner Fleet. I added links to photo albums of the past two Rendezvous and added the names of some new members.

Sailing to Giant's Neck09.24.14 - Added two new pictures from a nice sail I took to Giant's Neck. Something tells me that Orion's sailing days are numbered for 2014, but I am determined to stretch out the sailing season as long as possible!

2014 Rendezvous Report09.16.14 - Uploaded an article that was recently published in the Notice to Mariners newsletter recapping the 2014 Rendezvous. This was already posted to the Association's webpage, but it just came out in the most recently newsletter edition.

O'Day Mariner

Open cuddy cabin, small aft deck, forward hatch, cabin mast support arch, small portlights, wood trim

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Enclosed cabin, raised cockpit, quarterberths, longer portlights, self-draining cockpit

O'Day Mariner 2+2

Removed forward hatch, streamlined cabin, mast support post, even longer portlights

Spindrift Mariner

Added portlights on either
side of cabin

Stuart Mariner

Removed added portlights, slightly updated molds












DISCLAIMER: While I personally have had success using the methods outlined in this website,
one should never undertake major repairs without the presence of another adult in case an emergency situation should arise.