1969 O'Day/Selco Mariner Advertisement

This picture of a Mariner look-alike resting on jackstands in a Norwegian boatyard surfaced on the internet some time ago but seems to have disappeared. The hull and cabin seem to be the same design as O’Day, but the portlight seems to be slightly modified. According to research, a Norwegian boat manufacturer called Selco produced a knock-off of the O’Day Mariner under a license from the O’Day Sailboats Company. Under this license, Selco was granted permission to build three O’Day boat models – the Widgeon, Mariner and possibly the Javelin – from 1968-1969. 

The old Selco advertisement from 1969 shows Mariner #177 (top row, second from the right) and confirms that these boats were to be sold in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  It does not seem that many O’Day boats were actually built by Selco, although an exact figure remains unknown.