Henry Bossett Retires

I recently received word that Henry Bossett, champion racer and expert sailmaker, has retired from North Sails after a whopping 42 years. Besides all the many different sails he has made over the years, Henry produced dozens upon dozens of Mariner racing and cruising sails, many of which literally helped propel racers to first-place finishes at our National Championships. He is a true gentleman and always built the highest-quality sails.

Henry has made a couple suits of sails for ORION over the years, and he recently re-cut the mainsail to my liking, shortening the luff a bit and moving some of the reef points. Despite having many orders to fulfill, he was always very communicative and eager to get things exactly right. Thanks Henry, for all your work, and congratulations on your retirement.

Custom Burned Hatchboards

Will Gilmore (#2632 DRAGONFLY) posted something on the Mariner Class Association's forums that I just had to share. He made new hatchboards for his Mariner, but he went a giant step further by creating designs burned into the wood. My only recommendation is to go to the forums and check out what he has done and his process. He's hoping to make a little business out of it, and I can tell you one thing - I may just be his next customer.

Check out his design of a Mariner over a compass rose:


What do you think? Would you want a custom hatchboard with your own design?