Update of Mariner #148

Amy Ellison owned #148 CEOL NA MARA for over ten years, and she sent this great picture along with an update:

"I sold CEOL NA MARA to [a gentleman named] Frank about a year ago. He completely ground up restored her, tackling every project I had wanted to do but had no time to do. Frank is considering putting her up for sale again... I would love to keep the chain of communication with now 2-3 previous owners going, as our combined love of Mariners and this particular boat meant we were extremely selective about who we each sent her on to, and it was more love and knowledge that the next owner would love and care for her than it ever was about money.

"[This picture] stops my heart, it is so beautiful. Frank sent this one of their first overnight on an island after he restored her. I was so grateful that I sold her to him - this is what I had hoped for, for my gallant little backyard boat."