Photobook Now Available

As I mentioned before, for some time, I have been working on creating a Shutterfly photo book of photographs presented in my "Picture of the Week" column of my website ( Since 2008, I have posted over 400 unique images, and this 69-page, 8" X 11", glossy-page, hardcover features 103 of what I believe are the best. I was inspired by the wonderful photo books of wooden boats by Benjamin Mendlowitz. The title of the book is, "Celebrating the O'Day Mariner."

I ordered a test copy for myself, and I have to say, I was blown away by the quality. It's a substantial book, and the glossy pages really make the photos pop. It's a perfect coffee-table book, and I thank all the photographers who gave me permission to publish them.

Here's the deal: because it's through Shutterfly, it ain't cheap. The best thing to do is wait until Shuttefly offers a 50% discount on photobooks AND a discount for free shipping. As it turns out, that's happening right now until Tuesday, February 7th. If you order the book, apply the discount "CUPID" to get 50% off and "SHIP39" for free shipping. Even with those discounts, it still clocks in at $70.

I'm sure the price will be somewhat prohibitive, but I'm really proud of it, and I hope you'll check it out here: - take note that the printed photos are high-resolution (this preview link makes them look like they are not good quality, but they are in fact excellent). It's the perfect book for Mariner enthusiasts!

Anyway, that's the story. If you miss the February 7th deadline for the two discounts, don't worry - they come around again periodically, so you can keep checking back.

I hope you check it out and enjoy it!