New Custom Hatchboards Page

I'm excited to announce that a new Project Page has been created, this time to show off the incredible work done by Will Gilmore (#2632 DRAGONFLY). Will created new hatchboards for me this past winter with a picture of ORION and the constellation Orion burned into the wood using a special technique. The result is truly stunning, and his artistry is phenomenal. I have finally had a chance to put them on ORION, and they fit perfectly and look fantastic.

Even though I already have a Project Page for when I created new hatchboards myself, Will's work truly deserves a page of its own, and I just completed it. I hope you'll go over there and check it out. Will was kind enough to send me a ton of pictures detailing his whole process, and they are available to see on that page.

Thank you, Will - the new hatchboards couldn't be better!