Dwyer Aluminum Update


Since the 1960s, Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company has supplied O’Day Mariner owners with spars, rigging, and just about any piece of hardware you can imagine. Founded by Bob Dwyer in 1963, his company has been based in North Branford, Connecticut, and I would drive by his warehouse twice a day on my way to work. I have been a customer of his in the past - including a new mast with all the hardware - and at least once a year, I would stop in to say “hello” and chat a bit. The last time I was there was January, 2018, so I thought it was about time to swing by again today.

I was pretty surprised to walk in the door and find the place practically empty. A gentleman sitting at a desk politely informed me that Dwyer hadn’t been there in about a year, and the place had been vacant until just about a month ago when this new company (I didn’t ask the name) bought the facility and was in the process of moving in. He had no idea if Dwyer was bought out or folded altogether. I thanked him and left.

After doing a little research online, I found that Dwyer had indeed been bought by a parent company called Zim Sailing back in February of 2018, only a month after my last visit. Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company has since been renamed Dwyer Mast and Rigging and has moved to Bristol, Rhode Island at the same address as Zim Sailing. Interestingly enough, they kept the old North Branford telephone number, and after I called them, I was told their website is still active and their prices are current.

Rudy Nickerson, owner of D&R Marine and supplier of O’Day gear, has his shop very close by to where Dwyer is now and has formed a good relationship with them since the move. It seems as though the new incarnation of Dwyer is on the path to continuing success. (Thanks to Mariner owner Dick Stokes for this information.)

It’s good to know they didn’t disappear and that they will continue to be a resource for O’Day Mariner hardware. Between Dwyer, Rudy, and Dave Whittier at Stuart Marine (the current manufacturer of the Mariner), we Mariner owners looking for hardware should be in good shape for the foreseeable future.