Update on #3449

I received a couple of nice e-mails from Eric Daniels of Frederick, Maryland who is the new owner of Mariner #3449 built in 1977. He has started tackling some projects and even used a 3D printer to make new Mariner logos to put on either side of the cabin! He writes:

Great website and admire your Mariner "projects." I recently picked up a 1977 and have set about restoring it a bit. Am planning to launch in July for the summer, mainly to avoid only working on it! I enjoy that though.

Have redone the bow eye area which needed work after banging around on its trailer during Sandy. Used a 3D printer to redo the logos using a mold. Looks nice!

Am now focusing on the transom which is full of through bolts and an angle bracket across the top. Previous owner isn't familiar with why they are all there so must be from the original owner. I haven't seen any of such bolts on the online Mariner images. I'm speculating they could be there to hold some bracing in place inside the transom and will try to check that out before doing away with them.

Had been debating whether to attempt applying new gelcoat or paint. Found that you went the paint route on the Orion. Think I'll go that way too but am having a lot of trouble with color selection. Our last two boats were dark blue (Marieholm IF) and Forest green (Flying Scott) so am trying to avoid those. The dark colors seem to really suck up the heat and increase interior condensation. Haven't gone so far as to have a custom color but may end up there. I have cans of Ocean Blue, Aqua Mist and Whaler Blue arriving before the 4th. Am hoping to be ready to paint by the 2nd and launch sometime over the holiday! Thereafter, hope to launch, enjoy the summer and then tackle the CB some time in the fall. Read your notes about that already. I have a decent trailer so may try to jack it up on that!

A box of Total Boat stuff arrives today so something to look forward to. Once I’m finished with the hull, I’ll tackle the CB and deck, likely in the fall. The boat was in pretty good condition, compared to others I looked at. Can’t wait though to improve her condition a bit. These boats have such beautiful lines!

Hope you don't mind if I reach out for some advice along the way. I hope my project ends up at least 1/2 as nice as what you've done. I joined the Mariner Association and am looking through the forums. However, your projects page tops them all.