2017 Rendezvous: Westward to Essex!

It is official: The 2017 Mariner Rendezvous is scheduled for July 25-27 in Connecticut. Mariners will gather at the Niantic River Launch Ramp and head westward to Essex. Take note this is a mid-week event, from Tuesday-Thursday. There are many benefits to a midweek event:

  • Less highway traffic both coming and going
  • Less boat traffic both coming and going
  • Less crowded venues
  • Cheaper marina prices, therefore lower registration fee

The plan is to sail up the Connecticut River and head for Brewer Essex Island Marina. They specialize in hosting rendezvous, and we'll all be together on floating docks. There will be lots to do there, such as tour the Connecticut River Museum, shop at the stores up and down the historic Main Street, dine at the historic 1776 Griswold Inn (the oldest continuously run tavern in the United States), enjoy a Wednesday night catered dinner, and even take a ride on the nearby Essex Steam Train and Riverboat! Those are in addition to what the Marina already has to offer, such as outdoor games, a swimming pool, a beach, and a dog/nature walk. (Yes, dogs are allowed on this Rendezvous!) We'll have 24-hour access to laundry facilities and heads and showers, and WiFi is complimentary.

There will be more to come, but I wanted to at least get this information out there so calendars can be marked and time can be taken off well in advance. I'm really excited to sail to Brewer's Essex Island Marina next year, and I sure hope those of you with Mariners will join me!