Another Rescued Mariner

I received a nice e-mail from Dan Voorhees who writes that he discovered my site and has "gone over all of it. I have just acquired a 1969 Mariner 2+2 and it looks like the exact same hull as your ORION. I plan to restore it in and out; I found it locally in the driveway of a home destroyed by hurricane Sandy. The home is wrecked, but the boat survived unscathed. It is totally original and complete but filthy in and out. It came with a good trailer, five hp motor and two sets of sails - one set is from North Sails and one from Moorhouse. All for $200.00[!] I just got it home on Wednesday and started to clean it up. I have found many good ideas from your site and I plan to paint the hull either light yellow or navy blue and the top sides off white. I really like the way you have led all the lines to the cockpit and plan to do a similar arrangement. First, I'm doing all the wood and I need to make new hatch boards. Anyway, thanks for the great site, I have joined the Mariner Class Association as well. There are a few more of these boats sitting around locally - maybe they will get rescued as well."